Travel Scholarship Program


To enable individuals to experience other cultures, first hand, who would otherwise not be in a financial position to do so. The Scholarship is intended for those who may be new to Friendship Force and who have had limited travel experiences outside the United States.


A. Committee Membership

The Scholarship Committee shall consist of five members: Committee Chair; FFGDM Treasurer; and three club members appointed by the President—each of whom serves for three years with one rotating off the committee each year.

B. Award Procedure

1. The Scholarship Committee will recommend a course of action to the Board of Directors.
2. Approval of scholarship awards shall require a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
3. The Board of Directors will render a decision within six weeks following the date of application.
4. The Scholarship Committee Chair will notify applicants in writing about the disposition of their application.
5. The number of scholarships awarded may vary from year to year. FFGDM Board of Directors reserves the right to refrain from granting an award in any given year.
6. Scholarships shall be used to financially support individuals on FFGDM Journeys.
7. The amount of the scholarship is limited to 50% of the total cost of coach airfare, journey FFI fee, journey program fee, and additional tour expenses; never to exceed $2,000. It does not cover optional and personal expenses such as passport, visa fees, and insurance. The Board may increase or decrease the amount of the scholarship for Journeys at their discretion.
8. A scholarship is limited to one award per individual.
9. A scholarship must be used within a 3-year period or it will go back into FFGDM’s scholarship fund.
10. A scholarship must be applied to a Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines outbound international Journey.

C. Qualification Criteria

Applicants must:

1. Support the goals and objectives of Friendship Force.
2. Demonstrate openness to other cultures and people.
3. Be willing to share Journey experiences with others upon return by writing an article for the newsletter or presenting at a FFGDM social event.
4. Be physically able to participate in all Journey activities.
5. Not have previously traveled outside of United States; however, the Board may waive this requirement in special circumstances such as: military service, job requirement, mission or humanitarian work, or travel prior to applicants’ 18th birthday.
6. Demonstrate financial need.

D. Application Process

Applicants must:

1. Complete the application form supplied by the Scholarship Committee.
2. Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

a. Why are you interested in participating in a Friendship Force Journey?
b. How would you be a good international representative?
c. What benefits do you anticipate for you, your community, and FFGDM by your participation in a Journey?
d. What skills can you contribute to FFGDM to further its mission and encourage others to participate in the club’s activities?

3. Provide evidence of financial need. The preferred way to do this is to provide a copy of his/her latest Federal Income Tax Return with Social Security number blacked out to be reviewed only by the Scholarship Committee Chair prior to the committee interview.
4. Submit Application to Scholarship Committee Chair by mail to: FFGDM Scholarship Chair, PO Box 13136, Des Moines, IA 50310.

E. Review Process

The Scholarship Committee Shall:

1. Review all applications.
2. Interview each applicant under consideration in person.
3. Accept the Committee Chair’s recommendation about financial need.
4. Recommend a course of action to the Board of Directors


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