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Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines is pleased to announce John Liepa as the speaker for their annual meeting to be held at Greenbriar restaurant in Johnston. This program has been funded by Humanities Iowa who offers funding for a Speakers Bureau event and for grants in support of public programs to non-profit organizations in the state. Mr. Liepa will speak on the unfolding adventure of Iowa’s immigration history and rich ethnic heritage. Follow along as Mr. Liepa tells us why immigrant ancestors chose to leave their home, settle in Iowa, and add their ethnic contributions to our unique state history. He promises an interactive presentation.

The public is invited to attend, but must register by calling Ginny at 515-287-3999. The event is free, but the dinner will cost $34. Social time starts at 6:00, with the dinner beginning at 6:30, and the annual meeting and election of officers to follow.


Thank You Dan Kaercher!

The Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines’ annual meeting was held at Christopher’s Restaurant on November 11, 2021.  This year’s speaker was Dan Kaercher, former magazine editor and writer, television host, and author.  His presentation about “See Iowa and Explore the World,” delighted the audience with tales of all who have lived here, including early Native Americans, followed by a flood of 19th Century European immigrants.  Most came to Iowa for the rich soil available with its 13 inches of topsoil.

Mr. Kaercher presented information on the Germans, Irish, Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Dutch, Czechs, French, Welsh, and Luxembourgers who were all early settlers.  And Iowa continues to welcome immigrants, he said, and mentioned the Vietnamese, Italians, Bosnians, African-Americans, Mexicans, and other Latinos.  Of course, he said, you can travel all over Iowa and learn more about these groups through museum visits, festivals, eateries, small town ambiance, city neighborhoods, and many cherished traditions; all of which contribute to the many travel surprises which make up Iowa.  The whole world is within Iowa’s boundaries.

Mr. Kaercher's presentation was sponsored by Humanities Iowa.

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