Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines,IA

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Welcome to the Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines

The Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines was founded in 1978, shortly after Friendship Force International was formed by Wayne Smith. We are one of more than 350 clubs around the world that promote world peace through homestay exchanges, creating unforgettable experiences that build lasting bonds of friendship.

Ambassadors live in hosts' homes and take part in family and community life. Hosts and Ambassadors may not speak the same language, nor share similar backgrounds, yet the power of friendship overcomes the differences.

Besides exchanges, the club holds several annual events such as SpringFest, summer picnic, holiday party and Annual Meeting and Dinner interspersed with cultural programs and social activities.

Membership is $30 per person. Members are encouraged to become active participants of the club.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about us and then join our adventures as we make friends all around the world.